• | Avon, IN | Bailey Family Dental | 317-272-9303

    Achieve a more beautiful
    smile today.

    You will grin from ear to ear once our doctors take care of your biggest
    dental issues.


| Avon, IN | Bailey Family Dental | 317-272-9303

Spend just $99 on your first dental exam.

If you are a new patient, you can get the care you need at a very affordable price. Let us make sure your teeth are in great shape with our thorough check-ups that are done by some of the most skilled dentists in the area.

| Avon, IN | Bailey Family Dental | 317-272-9303

Providing the most gentle and effective dental care.

You can trust all of our dentists to give you great care every time you visit. Whether you or a loved one needs an exam, we are always open to patients of all ages. Start feeling better about your smile today!

Show off your brand new shining smile.

If you have always wanted a more attractive, beautiful looking smile, trust our cosmetic dental services. We cover many of your biggest smile issues, such as teeth whitening and denture building.

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